Parent Gym

Mind Gym contributes 1% of all income to Parent Gym: our philanthropic programme that increases the chances for children’s success by changing how their parents think and behave.

If we want our children to become well-balanced, successful, responsible members of society, we need to get our parenting right. At the moment, only 16% of pupils who are eligible for free school meals progress to university (Sutton Trust 2010). Great parenting plays a significant part in changing this and so increases social mobility for the next generation.

Parent Gym’s five-week programme is proven to increase parents’ skills and confidence and so improve the behaviour and well-being of their children. What’s more, it’s completely free to parents and schools.

Since its launch in spring 2010, Parent Gym has already been adopted by 100 schools in income deprived areas across London and has reached over one thousand families. Find out all about the programme, the results so far, and how to volunteer as a Parent Gym Coach on the Parent Gym website.