My tribe

From Facebook groups to sports fans, baristas to fashionistas, we’re all on the lookout for like-minded people with whom to connect.

This deep-rooted need to belong offers a rich opportunity for companies and their leaders. Give people good reason and they will commit to the corporate cause with gusto. The benefits for productivity, pace and customer experience are certain to follow.

In seeking this kind of employee engagement, leaders are susceptible to two fallacies.

The first is to pin their hopes on a mantra, whether in the form of a mission statement, company values or strategic priorities. However beautifully crafted, a set of words to be learnt by rote isn’t going to cut it.

When we belong to the same tribe we use our own words to tell our own stories, confident that our meanings are consistent without the need for a manual. The slogan may inspire today but it will expire tomorrow. We constantly adapt our views based on conversations with fellow members. The magic of the movement is that it ‘moves’.

Which leads to the second misplaced assumption: that leaders can build belief either on their own or by cascading messages through their courtiers. Trust in CEOs is down to 18%*. It’s Frank or Fatima, with whom we rub emails and swap gossip in the canteen queue, who shape our views.

Do you belong?

Mind Gym builds belonging, so that employees believe in their company and the plans for change. As a result, people engage in where their company is going and put in the extra effort to help it get there.

The psychological term is Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB).

Show me how

Mind Gym’s communication toolbox includes:

  • Narrative
  • Campaign plan
  • Summit
  • Catalyst camp
  • Toolkits, interactive pdfs and a host of other communication vehicles

Tin-Can TelephoneBuilding belief plays a vital role in Mind Gym’s solutions for:

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*Edelman trust barometer 2013