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The ABC of culture change: Attitude, Belief, Capability

To make change stick we need to shift people's beliefs, attitudes and capabilities.

Capability Belief
Growing Capability

Experiences need to:


  • Connect to self-interest
  • Be relevant to the role and personalised to the individual
  • Provide credible, practical, easy to apply techniques
  • Scale, given the global nature of many organisations
  • Be timely, and crucially sustainable

People say: 'I have the skills and capabilities that will help make the change happen.'

By changing belief and capability, attitude follows.

People say: 'I feel positive, in control and excited about my future. I understand the importance and value of this change for my personal as well as company’s success, and I am committed to helping make it happen.'

Building Belief

Experiences need to:


  • Reinforce the importance of where we’re going (and why)
  • Provide tools explaining how we’re going to get there
  • Highlight what we need to do individually and collectively to achieve the vision

People say, 'I advocate for the change and why it is right for my organisation.'

Growing capability
Research on learning transfer shows how to get people to apply what they learn. By applying the three-step methodology of ‘Engage’, ‘Participate’, ‘Activate’, 87% of people in Mind Gym ‘little and often’ programmes use what they’ve discovered to improve their performance at work.
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Building belief
The science of persuasion reveals that what gets us to believe something is rarely what we think will. Drawing on rigorous scientific evidence, Mind Gym’s engagement campaigns build belief in strategy, leadership and the need to change as well as more day-to-day needs like the value of learning.
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In 2001, Deutsche Bank became the first business to put their faith in Mind Gym. 16 years later and we’re still working together, delivering training to employees from entry level to executives. During that time, Mind Gym has set up... Learn More