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61% of employees bend themselves out of shape to fit in at work, including 45% of white, heterosexual men. This is bad for business and bad for well-being.

The good news is that businesses with an inclusive environment have an operating profit almost three times higher than those that don’t.

Why everything you think you know about diversity is wrong

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5 ways to…celebrate diversity in February and beyond

Integration and inclusion are at the forefront of our minds right now, not least because February is Black History Month. Often, it’s not the deliberately divisive acts you need to watch out for, but rather the unconscious bias that harms relationships and ultimately performance. Here’s how to celebrate diversity, this month and beyond… 1. Remove the stigma. We all have unconscious biases – around race, sexuality and so on, but also about height, hobbies, hair colour and a thousand other attributes. They are natural and are designed to make our brains more efficient. Admitting bias opens up

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