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No one loves middle managers. From ‘The Office’ to ‘Horrible Bosses’, in popular culture, managers are portrayed as buffoons or beasts.

And yet, managers have the greatest challenge in company life: how to understand, organise and motivate people to work together to achieve more, better and faster.

Replace a lousy manager with a strong one and team performance typically goes up by between 13% and 29%.

Unsure what makes a manager so good? We can reveal that there are seven essential talents that distinguish the exceptional managers from the rest.

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The return of the manager:
this time it's personal

There are seven key talents that differentiate the best managers from the rest. To discover why they matter, download our free white paper.
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Do managers need to be liked?

In the world’s largest study of what makes a manager effective, one thing came out way above all else: strong working relationships. But how can you equip managers to form, nurture, repair, adjust and recalibrate their relationships with people at work?
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Dozens of companies have already embraced the Mind Gym solution:

How Mind Gym helps

The seven essential talents of great managers. Click on each talent to discover more.

  • Execute
    Deliver on promises, on time, in style, with others
    Create a community that’s willing and able to innovate
    Enable others to be
    the best they can
  • Relate
    Form, redefine, repair and maintain strong working relationships
  • Energise
    Give hope, build momentum and share your passion
    Set the direction so people can make better decisions when you’re not there
    Be at your best more of the time

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