Reality check

We know the importance of robust, dynamic performance management. But it’s tricky to gauge the extent to which this actually happens within your organisation. Are your managers better at setting goals or giving feedback? Do they need some guidance on how to rate performance effectively, or would it be more worthwhile investing time and money to get them up to speed on coaching?

Take our free online assessment to get a rough and ready approximation of how your organisation fares against the five ingredients vital to dynamic performance management.

For a more robust analysis, send the reality check to managers and individuals in your organisation. You will receive:

  • Tailored invitation to distribute to your entire workforce (no matter what the size) with link to online dynamic performance management reality check.
  • A full organisation report which gives you insight into the quality of your managers’ performance conversations.
  • Advice on the areas for you to focus on in order to build 5-star performance management into your organisation.
  • A proposed solution to boost the ingredients that are lacking.