Core team

Mind Gym is organised around strengths, so everyone gets to do what they are great at every day. Crack teams work closely together to deliver for every client and participant.

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Client team

The Client Sales Team is the lifeblood of Mind Gym, spreading the word to our customers by seeking and developing new accounts and growing existing accounts through relentless drive, tenacity and most of all, knowledge. Its members are expert in all things people (performance management, management development, etc.), presenting Mind Gym’s point of view to customers so that it provokes and excites.
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Client Services team

The Client Service Team is the beating heart of Mind Gym ensuring flawless delivery on a global scale. We’ve all heard some variation of the story about the FedEx man who swam across the sea/hired a private jet to deliver a wedding dress ensuring it arrived in time for The Big Day. While Mind Gym isn’t in the business of couriering items, our Client Service Team is in the business of ensuring clients are delighted. Each and every time.
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Design team

The Design Team provide the polish and style that intrigues our clients and participants. They have always been the creative edge that transforms good ideas into great products. From PowerPoint proposals to elaborate Rich Pictures, they help bring our ideas to life in interesting and engaging ways.
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Finance team

The Finance Team helps our company stay on track and keeps us profitable through rigorous budgeting and forecasting. They’re also responsible for producing the vital information needed to make optimal decisions and ultimately run the business. These savvy individuals keep the Mind Gym wheels rolling through expert reporting, invoicing and regulatory compliance.

HR team

HR empowers all things people related at Mind Gym. And we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill pension and perks experts. They are the guardians of the 5 ingredients that make our employees so unique, ensuring each Mind Gymmer’s journey is guided by clear direction and endless support. Growth at both the organisational and individual level is the focus for our HR team, from expanding the Mind Gym family to helping each employee develop once they're here, they've got our people on their minds.
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IT team

The IT team delivers far more than just the fix of a mouse or helping a Mind Gymmer gain account access after forgetting a password. The IT team is responsible for creating the perfect infrastructure to accomplish important tasks like, making sure the Mind Gym team both near and far are all globally connected, ensuring the seamless delivery of each monthly webinar and providing each colleague with the most up-to-date and efficient technology on the market, to name a few. Whatever the digital dilemma, this team is a helpful bunch.

Marketing team

The Marketing Team is the face and voice of Mind Gym. It is on a mission to build a global brand that’s as commonplace as Google or Ben and Jerry’s, with a reputation as challenging, forward-thinking pioneers in the world of human performance and learning. Core to the team’s work is the tenet that every interaction must be stimulating and every word supported by the science.

Operations team

The Operations team collaborates with all teams across Mind Gym to design, implement, and support the processes that make Mind Gym run smoothly for our clients, coaches, and colleagues. They plan and organize Mind Gym’s resources to ensure other teams can develop high-quality work and deliver flawlessly. From defining sales territories to shipping Workout materials, each team member provides targeted guidance and leadership whether the project is big or small. Often behind-the-scenes but never far from client impact, Operations is crucial to our cross-team partnership and quality finish.

Solutions team

Solutions is the “Mind” of Mind Gym. It is responsible for creating, defining, and improving all of Mind Gym’s solutions and products. The team does this with two main principles: firstly, everything is based in science, so if they can’t back up what they’re doing with research, it won’t be done. Secondly, the approach always focuses on the entire cycle of learning which starts before the classroom intervention and doesn’t just end when the bell rings.
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Support team

No one can do it all on their own. From Office Managers to PAs, our Support Team keeps Mind Gym ticking and provides top notch service to both internal stakeholders, and every guest who walks through our doors. We truly couldn’t work without them.

Talent Network team

Our coach network is one of our prized assets. We have over 250 coaches based all over the world. With such a variety of skills and experience on offer, we do our best to build a strong, varied coach network and keep our coaches engaged in all things Mind Gym. And because our coach offering is so rich, we have a dedicated team who are responsible for growing, managing, and developing the network – we call them our Talent Network team.
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