How Coronavirus is Transforming Work & What You Can Do About It

Staying Close in a World that Demands Distance

The Coronavirus has created a situation that is unpredictable, uncertain and feels uncontrollable.  As it spreads across the globe, people are anxious about the impact on themselves, their loved ones and their teams.

Team members are working from home but find it hard to stay connected.  Team leaders want to reassure their teams and maintain productivity despite anxiety and disconnection.

Unfortunately, this combination of distance and worry erodes trust, innovation, and productivity. However, when you get it right, research shows that working virtually can drive productivity improvements of up to 43%.

In this short webinar, Mind Gym experts will reveal strategies for:

  • Maintaining productive habits when working from home
  • Keeping your team connected when working at a distance
  • Providing confidence to team members during uncertainty
  • Changing behaviors to increase safety for yourself and those around you


Sebastian Bailey

President, Mind Gym


When:Thursday, March 12th at 4:00 pm GMT
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