Rethinking ethics in the workplace

Companies have invested a fortune in compliance – but they don’t have better business ethics to show for it. In fact, we’re no more compliant than we were a decade ago.

Surprised? Behavioural scientists aren’t. Many solutions designed to boost ethics in business can backfire – for example, bringing in penalties for misdemeanours tends to increase misbehaviour.

To learn what does work, download our white paper with a foreword written by Ethical Systems Founder/Director Jonathan Haidt and CEO Azish Filabi, The only way is ethics, and discover:

  • Why traditional solutions, like anonymous whistle-blower helplines and ethics training, suffer from the same psychological flaw
  • Why clever companies focus less on individual bad actors and more on building a healthy culture
  • The 6 everyday reasons why good people do bad things, and what you can do to mitigate them
  • How to build a culture that cultivates ethics in the workplace, so that more people will do the right thing (and save you real money in compliance)


Download the whitepaper

Whitepaper Image
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