Future Proof your Learning & Development

The Jardine Matheson Story

Join us for a webinar with Jardines, one of the largest organizations in the world.

Jardines, an Asian based conglomerate with brands crossing several industries and countries, is a case study on how to create learning that sticks in a complex organization.  In the last two years, they have created a learning and development program from the ground up. And they’ve done it across multiple companies, franchises, and continents.  

With Mind Gym’s partnership, Peter Attfield, Chief Talent and Learning Officer at Jardine Matheson, built a learning and development strategy across a 400K+ organization of talent, focusing on educating the “important many over the vital few.”   

Join us to tap into Peter’s thoughts and ideas to find ways to apply Jardines groundbreaking approach to your own organization. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:  

  • Diagnose learning challenges
  • Get buy-in from a diverse group of stakeholders
  • Decide between customized and standardized approaches for driving higher ROI
  • Create a learning platform that’s pandemic proof
  • Execute your platform at scale globally 

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Wei-Li Chong
Darlene Slaughter
Alexander Amonett
Rachel Osikoya

Webinar information

When:July 23rd at 4 pm BST
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