Audi of America

Audi saw impressive growth in US sales and were keen to maintain that momentum. Learn how they did it.


Audi of America saw vehicle sales double over a five-year period. Eager to carry out the same level of success, the luxury car company knew they’d need to equip their employees with the right skills. Audi needed a solution that was practical, engaging, and scaleable. Enter Mind Gym.


Together with Audi, Mind Gym helped identify learning solutions to build employee competence in eight ‘Key Success Factors’ that each employee would need for the company to reach its ambitious goal. Each ‘Factor’ had at least one dedicated 3-hour instructor-led session consisting of a Workout and followed by a Live Action. Mind Gym also helped Audi build supplemental toolkits to reinforce the sessions and support transfer of learning.


The programme received great feedback from participants and was supported by the below statistics:


The Audi of America 8 ‘Key Success Factors’ programme won the 2017 Brandon Hall Group bronze award for ‘Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development’.

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