Sainsbury’s didn’t want to pick their next business leaders off the shelf. They wanted to grow their own. And what a crop they had.


When Justin King took over as CEO of Sainsbury’s, he swiftly identified as a top priority the need to grow the next generation of leaders from within.

Mind Gym augmented Sainsbury’s own “Aspire” programme, inviting this top talent pool to attend a programme of “Wednesday Workouts”, focusing on:

  • Performance: driving the pool to higher performance
  • Ambition: developing their personal motivation to achieve
  • Potential: ensuring the top talent achieved its potential to stretch to leadership roles

The top talent who attended the “Wednesday Workouts” reacted extremely positively, with 99% reporting that they would apply what they had learned; sales have grown by £2.7bn and Sainsbury’s is once again considered the largest supermarket in the UK.

Return on investment:
The ROI, in terms simply of saved recruitment fees in year one, was over 300%.

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