5 ways to…inspire yourself and others

Harnessing positive energy in the business and beyond

When was the last time you felt inspired? If you’re racking your brains, chances are you’re not particularly inspiring either. The ability to inspire is the holy grail when it comes to rallying the troops, and, much like charity, inspiration begins at home.

  1. Pinpoint your inspiration. Reflect on who or what makes you feel inspired: whether a film, book, painting, person or activity. What are the physical and mental signs that you’re inspired? Use this as a marker for how you want others to feel, and return to it when you need a boost.
  2. Raise your energy. Energy is infectious: people can’t help but reflect yours, so make sure it’s high. That doesn’t necessarily mean jumping around like an energiser bunny: a controlled yet potent zest for life is just as persuasive. Find a level that feels authentic.
  3. Mind your language. Charisma is difficult to pin down, but psychologists have tried. They’ve identified language as a crucial source: people respond differently to ‘home’ than ‘house’. Be optimistic, engaging, decisive and unexpected, and you’ll also be remembered.
  4. Suss your style. Going beyond vocabulary, pay attention to your entire demeanor. Are you emphasising the positives? Painting a picture with small details? Offering constructive, not destructive, opinions? And focusing on the future? If so then congratulations – they’re probably feeling inspired.
  5. Remember your purpose. If you’re not sure why you started, there’s no way other people will be persuaded to. Ask yourself ‘why is this worthwhile?’ – for yourself, for others, for the greater good – to uncover your purpose, and keep this front of mind when trying to inspire others.
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