5 ways to… beat the January blues

Recharging after the holidays

It’s cold, dark and the festivities are well and truly over – no wonder January feels blue. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Raising your spirits comes down to switching your mindset; and because energy is infectious, the benefits are exponential.

  1. Find the why. Having a sense of purpose makes work meaningful, motivating – and ultimately, energising. If you find each week a slog, take a step back to consider what drives you. Visualise your ideal future; how does your everyday work help you move closer?
  2. Dial up the passion. Energy isn’t linked to physicality; emotional energy has an even greater impact. And you don’t have to shout from the rooftops to show you care. Consider how you talk about something you truly love, and use similar language at work – you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your mood.
  3. Pay attention. Mentally checking out at work will only make you, and others, feel more sluggish. By tuning into other people’s emotions – said or unsaid – you’ll not only be in a position to manage them, you’ll feel more energised and in the moment yourself.
  4. Practise positivity. Think of yourself as an energy conductor – if you can harness the power of emotional contagion, you’ll lift the entire team. Choose to frame situations in a favourable light. Make other people feel positive about the future and themselves, then enjoy the upward emotional spiral.
  5. Recognise success. Maybe you felt fired up at the start of the new year, but that feeling is beginning to wane. Don’t let it. Maintain energy by noticing and celebrating the progress you’ve made, and helping others do the same. If good intentions have gone awry, celebrate getting back on track – even the smallest step forward deserves recognition.


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