5 ways to…find strength in a time of uncertainty

How to deal with stress at work and beyond

Mental health awareness has been in the spotlight this month with the current COVID-19 pandemic, but smart businesses will make sure their employees feel secure and safe all year round. Helping them develop an emotional resilience to deal with stress and bounce back from adversity is a good place to start. Read this month’s tips.

1. Start with the basics.

Thriving is a combination of vitality (feeling energised and alive) and growth (a sense of development and progress): both aspects of life that are quickly forgotten in turbulent times. Plan one thing you can do each day to look after your physical well-being and develop in some way.

2. Spot your thinking traps.

We can choose to think in a way that helps us thrive. This means overcoming toxic thought patterns such as comparison or perfectionism. Pinpoint which negative bias you are most prone to in times of stress, and every time you spot it happening, come up with an alternative, more positive way to frame the situation.

3. Do what makes you feel good.

Counterintuitively, everyday details influence our happiness more than huge life events. For a week, keep track of the little things that make you feel good. It might be making plans with people, seeing nature or being creative – at the end of the week spot the trends and commit to doing more of them.

4. Identify what stops you.

Reflect on times when you’ve felt you are thriving. What has helped you get there? What is stopping you from doing that now? And which aspects of your current situation can you change? Feeling helpless quickly leads to burnout, so focus on what you can control and take action.

5. Dial up your self-compassion.

In times of stress it’s easy to fall into a spiral of self-criticism. Break the cycle by deciding what you do and don’t listen to. Every time your inner critic takes over, imagine what your most supportive friend would say in response – and treat yourself with that same compassion.


To ensure we’re getting the best out of ourselves and our employees during this uncertain time, sign up to the Mind Gym webinar, on March 24th – “Making virtual work: how to show up remotely and earn respect during COVID-19” here.

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