5 ways to…build your brand

Branding beyond business

From selfies to status updates, social media means we’re hypersensitive to how others perceive us. Narcissistic? Perhaps. But bringing that self-awareness to the workplace can do wonders for our personal brand. ‘The late one’, ‘the charming one’, ‘the sarcastic one’ – everyone has a personal brand. It pays to polish yours before someone else does the honors for you.

1. Specialise.
Think like a superbrand – what do you want to be renowned for? A Jack of all trades is master of none: find your forte and focus on it. Write down what you want to achieve, what opportunities you have to deepen your expertise in that area and who might help you get there.

2. Keep it real.
You need to live and breathe your brand, so don’t try to be something you’re not. Know the skills and traits that make you stand out and let your personality do the rest. You are a whole package – show people exactly what they get if they invest.

3. Market yourself.
What have you done today to show the world (or at least your colleagues and clients) that you are uniquely contributing? Share your impact, whether on Twitter, LinkedIn, your company website or personal blog. People can spot puff a mile off, so stick to the facts to avoid being labeled a braggart.

4. Be surprising.
An unorthodox path will make you stand out from your peers. Avoid the well-trodden route – identify outdated conventions and champion a bold new way. Get results by unconventional means and you’ll be impossible to ignore.

5. Watch your ego.
Sure you’re unique; but so is everyone else. Recognise your team’s strengths, consider their ideas and appreciate their contributions. Being the expert doesn’t mean you can’t relinquish control; you’ll gain more respect by sharing the load.

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