5 ways to…find your mojo

5 ways to…find your mojo

If you started 2016 fired up and full of beans, congratulations. But if January has you feeling a little flat, you’re not alone. Instead of blaming the weather or your bank balance, tune in to what really brings you pleasure and design a life you love.

1. Strike the balance.

Psychologists have discovered we’re happiest when our lives combine pleasure (enjoyment) with purpose (meaning). Consider your life at the moment – are the scales tipped one way or the other?

2.Discover your drivers.

A job doesn’t have to be your ‘calling’ for it to have purpose; we all find different things worthwhile. Consider a time when you felt your work was meaningful – why? Whether you were helping others develop, using your creative streak or smashing a target, identify what drives you to succeed.

3. Find your pleasure.

Write down every activity or interaction you’ve enjoyed in the last week: from an insightful meeting to watching a great film. Spot the patterns: what types of things bring you a buzz? What opportunities are there to do more of them?

4. Make your own mojo.

Feeling different requires doing something different. Having identified what brings you purpose and pleasure, plan exactly how you’ll incorporate more of both into your daily and weekly routine so that you have more ‘best days’.

5. Pay attention.

It’s easy to get so distracted by everyday annoyances or technology that you don’t even register the good stuff. The more you tune in to pleasure and purpose every day, the happier you’ll feel. From listening to music to making progress at work, pay attention to the positives

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