5 ways to…re-energise over the holidays

Getting back into your groove post-vacation

Energized teams perform better, are more creative and make wiser decisions – and much of that energy stems from their leader. The festive break is a chance to kick back, refocus and recharge your batteries so you can make a sprinting start to 2016.

1. Seek out an energizer.
It’s impossible to fire up others when you feel drained yourself. Take the opportunity to spend time with those who make you feel alive and enthused, and reflect on what exactly they do to make you feel that way. How can you bring some of their traits to your team?

2. Rediscover your ‘why’.
We’re more driven to achieve something when it matters, but it’s easy to lose sight of that purpose in the everyday treadmill of activity. Consider how your work contributes to something meaningful – who benefits when you succeed?

3. Find your style.
Whether a fantastic gift or a slap-up dinner, notice how you talk, act and feel when you’re really passionate about something. A quiet, controlled sense of passion can be equally as uplifting as shouting it from the rooftops – authenticity is the most important factor.

4. Practice your presence.
Away from work, loved ones get your full attention. Putting aside all distractions and fully tuning in not only gets the best from the other person, it energizes you too. Practice being present and hone that skill for your one-to-ones back at work.

5. Boost your positivity percentage.
The New Year is a time for making resolutions – make positivity one of yours. When we affirm others they feel valued and as a result are more motivated to succeed. Emotions are contagious so you’ll create an upwards spiral of positivity to beat the January blues.

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