5 ways to…thrive

Why thriving at home means thriving at work

Summer’s coming to an end and the ever-more demanding fall threatens to leave us out of gas. A 2014 Deloitte report named ‘overwhelmed employees’ as one of the most urgent challenges facing businesses today. Looking after yourself shouldn’t be last on your to-do list: when you’re thriving emotionally and physically, your team, and business, will thrive too.

1. Recognize what thriving feels like.
There are times we feel depleted, emotionally and physically, and times we feel alive and enthused. By identifying how we think, feel and behave when we’re heading for burnout, we can take steps to recharge before we get there.

2. Reframe negative thoughts.
We choose how we think. Whether you compare yourself with others or are prone to catastrophic fantasies, recognize your toxic thinking traps and reframe them as just that: thoughts, not facts. Combat your inner critic by talking to yourself like a compassionate friend instead.

3. Do what makes you feel good.
Sounds simple, but research shows we’re bad at predicting what will make us happy. Keep track of the little things that brighten your mood for a month, then spot the patterns and figure out a way to get more of them.

4. Fake it ’til you make it.
Our thoughts influence our behavior, but it works the other way too. Changing your physicality influences how you feel; practice striking ‘powerful poses’ (head and chest held high) whenever you need an energy or confidence boost.

5. Develop protective habits.
Give yourself room to focus; build and nurture relationships; look after your physical wellbeing; continually learn and grow – by making small, everyday changes in these four areas, you will feel happier, perform better and spend more time thriving.

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