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Building inclusion: Why improving judgement is key

Attacking a person’s identity is a sure-fire way to destroy your company’s inclusion efforts and derail team productivity. Rather than inspire team unity, traditional DE&I activities such as unconscious bias and quotas can create cavernous divides. This blog post explains a better way to create tangible DE&I results – by improving your team’s decision-making skills.    Why diversity, equity, and inclusion programmes fail, repeatedly   Each year companies spend billions on traditional DE&I initiatives...
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How to get senior leadership buy-in for DE&I

Beyond the smiles and words of encouragement, the cold-hard cash and resources needed to achieve inclusion are often missing.   Across the world, corporate diversity managers struggle to gain tangible support from their CEOs and other executive leaders to prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusion as a critical business need.   Why is leadership support for DE&I important?   Without the active support of key decision markers in the company, the task...
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Inclusion at Work: How To Embrace Your Employees’ Identities

Every morning, millions of vibrant, creative people deliberately make themselves as bland as possible to avoid seeming out of place at work.       From avoiding discussion about their same sex partner to feeling forced to remove their dreadlocks, many people are unable to be their true selves.   The peace of mind that comes with knowing that our identity is welcomed by our employers is a leading factor for high performance.  Yet, research shows 61% of...
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What is unconscious bias training?

How the unintended consequences of unconscious bias training can impact DEI efforts
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