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Finding our voice

If you’ve been searching for a way to add your voice to the conversation, we have some tips on how to break the silence.
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UK businesses are heading for a massive productivity crisis

The UK economy is on the brink of a productivity collapse, with British workers admitting they could get away with an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes less work each day, and more than one third feeling less motivated as a result of remote working during the pandemic.
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“Should” is not a strategy

Our workplaces have had to restructure. Our workload has intensified. Our home life has blended into our work life. The world as we knew it has fundamentally changed. But what hasn’t changed are the expectations we hold of ourselves. Instead of adapting to a new way of being, many of us find ourselves frantically trying to uphold the “should’s” that...
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5 ways to…lead through this crisis

In the wake of the current Coronavirus pandemic, it is important for businesses to ensure their teams feels safe, secure and hopeful. When uncertainty lies ahead, it is even more vital that leaders take a proactive approach to letting their employees know they have a handle on things. 1. Be open. Confusion heightens the pain of turmoil. Share the facts,...
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