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Mindset Reset

How to get back from the brink of burnout
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Presenters: Sebastian Bailey, PhD, Wei-Li Chong
When: Wednesday, January 20th at 1 pm GMT
Where: GoToWebinar
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Past webinars

Hope in a hybrid world

Charisma. Context. Casual conversations. The classic tools of a manager. All gone. Remote working has rendered them useless, leaving Zoom calls and Slack chats in their place. But emojis and GIFs are a poor substitute for the context offered by face-to-face working.  What managers need now is to build new tools that are specifically adapted to the hybrid world.   In...
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Get it together

It’s no secret: we’re polarised as a society. Once our minds are made up about something, it can be really hard to listen to another POV. This is why just hearing the words “inclusion and diversity” can be met with a negative reaction. Your DE&I program might have all the great intentions in the world, but without the right approach,...
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Buddy, bully or boss?

In the world’s largest study of what makes a manager effective, the one thing that made the most difference was strong working relationships. How can you equip managers to build strong working relationships, repair them when things inevitably go wrong and avoid a situation where bullying and bad behaviour ensues? Watch the webinar with Mind Gym’s Chief Creative Officer Mary-Clare Race...
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Are you paying attention

When someone asks, ‘would you like some feedback?’, our brain switches to ‘defend’ mode. Saving comments for formal reviews dents performance by up to 27%.
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