Levy leverage

How to make more of your investment in apprenticeships


The amount your company has put aside for the levy will expire in April next year. We want you to get the most from your levy- so use it. Companies who invest in a learning culture regularly do better in customer satisfaction, productivity and other key business metrics.

Studies show a good manager can increase productivity by 13%, so why not invest there? The levy offers businesses the chance to access world-class management training and mentoring to support your managers to do more in your business.

Watch the webinar with Octavius Black, Mind Gym and Euan Blair, WhiteHat to learn:

  • What’s in the management apprenticeship and who is eligible
  • How you can set up and run a management apprenticeship
  • Mind Gym and WhiteHat’s practical experience of setting up the programme with other well-known companies

If you want to learn more, download the brochure on the programme here.

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