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5 ways to… keep your focus during the holidays

Silly season is upon us, and while competitors are winding down, smart businesses use the ‘downtime’ to forge ahead. But it’s tough to keep teams motivated amid the temptations of mince pies and mulled wine. Maintain focus and you’ll start the New Year with a list of accomplishments, rather than resolutions. Read this month’s tips. Paint a promising picture. Many...
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Tomorrow’s Workforce Isn’t a Robot

  The last few decades have brought with it a new paradigm. Game-changing innovations across several areas of our lives have shifted the way organisations operate. According to a new IBM study, as many as 120 million workers in the world economy will have to be retrained or re-skilled as a result of the technological revolution. And, the pace of...
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5 ways to… bring people in

The world has woken up to the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce. But uncertainty about what is and isn’t appropriate still abounds. Inclusivity is less about making grand gestures and more about building a culture where individuals feel understood, every day. Read this month’s tips. Own up to bias. No matter how neutral we believe we are, we all...
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5 ways to…build brand ‘you’

As any marketer knows, to stand out in a crowded market you need a powerful brand. The same applies to people. The way you present yourself, on- and offline, sends signals about your competence, trustworthiness and potential. Whether job hunting or competing for a promotion, it could be time for a rebrand. Read this month's tips below. Find your niche....
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