When it comes to the latest tips and tricks of the industry, we’ve got you covered. Our psychologists pored over the research to separate fact from fluff so you didn’t have to.

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Solving the productivity gap with psychology

Businesses talk about human capital, but investing in people is never capitalized. Actually businesses will get far greater return by looking at the psychology of human behaviour at work. We work harder if we think our work matters. We work harder when we work with people we like. And the manager plays a pivotal role in enhancing productivity. Watch the...
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3 grit-building habits to help you persevere

Entrepreneurs start businesses because they’re optimistic; they succeed if they’re also gritty. The ability to keep chasing long-term goals is a marker of success in all sorts of areas. Mind Gym co founder Sebastian Bailey shares three habits that will help build grit. Read his article here.
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Take the sting out of micro-aggressions

Instead of thinking ‘I wish I’d said’ or having a fiery confrontation, we need to learn how to respond appropriately and correctly to microaggressions. Mind Gym behavioural psychologist, Iain Smith, presents a refreshing technique, on how to take the sting out of microaggressions and restore a sense of inclusion. Read his article on the HR Director. This is the second instalment...
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Seven tricks to make learning stick

70% of employees who attend training try out new skills only to slide back down the slope to old habits. It’s no wonder that the training budget is the first to be squeezed. There are seven little-known tricks guaranteed to make people change. And stay that way. In the April issue of TD Magazine, Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D and co-founder of Mind...
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