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The unrecognized action that kills engagement

Most people don’t intend to exclude others, but do so unwittingly through tiny, everyday acts of exclusion like ignoring or interrupting. These everyday ‘micro-inequities’ have a similar effect to physical pain, and passive bystanders make it worse. To combat exclusion and foster engagement, we all need to speak up. Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D and co-founder of Mind Gym contributes regularly to...
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The fine art of getting your way

From paying taxes to following safety rules, getting people to do as they’re told is no mean feat. Especially when society holds independence in such high esteem. Octavius Black, CEO of Mind Gym reveals how a little psychological insight provides a solution. Read the article in full on The Sunday Telegraph website.
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Tell the top the bottom line is happy shoppers

As a nation, we love shopping. We just choose shops that love us back. All too often shop workers don’t seem to care. Disney’s research into why customers leave reveals that 66% of the time it’s due to an indifferent employee – something that no discount or digital wizardry can fix. Octavius Black, CEO of Mind Gym contributes regularly to...
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Inclusion begins with understanding the self

The common practice of having employees watch basic e-learning modules to tick off an HR to-do list is actually creating a more exclusive workplace than what it sets out to do. With our innate bias’s we are primed to spot difference among our peers and gravitate towards those who are like us. Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D and co-founder of Mind Gym...
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