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5 ways to…build a winning team

From the snow to the ice via fighting off some fierce competition, Team USA’s medal haul at Sochi winter Olympics showed that our athletes have ‘team spirit’ in spades. Building a winning team isn’t all about huddles and high fives though – there’s plenty more managers can do to create that gold-medal mentality at work. 1. Define your direction. Like...
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5 ways to…bring harmony

From a divided Scottish nation to the Phones 4U staff who, in the wake of the chain’s collapse, now find themselves employed by their previous rivals, handling discontent among the ranks is no mean feat. By tackling the discord head on, leaders can create a team that really is better together. 1. Find a common direction. A shared goal is...
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5 ways to…beat the summer slump

‘Quiet August’ is as much of a myth today as the three-martini lunch. The market is picking up and September’s demands are looming – time to knuckle down. Easier said than done with half the workforce on holiday and the other half wishing they were too. Leaders who create positive energy will beat the heat and keep the wheels turning...
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No laughing matter

How jokes in the workplace can make or break an inclusive culture Have you heard about those new corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines. Jokes are powerful. They unite us, creating humorous memories and anecdotes we can treasure for a lifetime. The dictionary definition of a joke is surprisingly broad; “Something that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a...
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