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How to talk about race, gender and diversity at work

Dry mouth. Damp hands. Self-doubt. Many managers feel anxiety and even fear about discussing race, gender or sexual orientation at work. During MindGym’s webinar ‘The State of Inclusion: Where we are now & where to next?’, our attendees expressed their worries about how to talk about diversity problems in the workplace without offending anyone.    In this article, you will learn the proven approach to holding productive and...
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The scientific approach to inclusion: balancing Me and We 

Find out more about how balancing uniqueness and belonging is the key to building real inclusion.
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Why behavioural science should be in your DE&I strategy

Read more about why behavioural science should be a crucial part of your DE&I strategy.
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Heat and Light approaches to DE&I

The question of how to influence human behaviour to realise a common goal has plagued leaders since the dawn of time. Is a ‘softly, softly’ approach that ‘shines a light’ preferable for diminishing grievances? Or is a firm, zero tolerance, ‘turn up the heat’ methodology the best way to get people in line? History is full of individuals and movements...
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