When it comes to the latest tips and tricks of the industry, we’ve got you covered. Our psychologists pored over the research to separate fact from fluff so you didn’t have to.

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Paying attention

When it comes to customer service we’re deluded. 80% of employees say they give superior service yet only 8% of their customers agree. Even when presented with the facts about customer dissatisfaction, employees are twice as likely to blame the rest of the organisation as to take responsibility themselves. This creates a big problem for company bosses. The business case...
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The bite-size revolution

When it comes to influencing thinking and changing behaviours, bite-size is most definitely the right size. Why? Because in a world that demands instant results and high-value outputs, bite-size training lets people achieve more effective learning outcomes in less time, without blowing the budget. What’s more, because bite-size training is short, focused and flexible, it is easier to find time...
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