When it comes to the latest tips and tricks of the industry, we’ve got you covered. Our psychologists pored over the research to separate fact from fluff so you didn’t have to.

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The answer to transfer

Businesses spend billions on training, but estimates say only 15% of people actually alter their behavior. To see a significant return, we need to fundamentally change how we think about putting learning into action – starting with losing the word ‘transfer’ altogether. Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D and co-founder of Mind Gym contributes regularly CLO Magazine. Read the full article at
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The 5 attitudes that stifle creativity

Innovative ideas don’t always come from ‘wacky’ brains. In fact some of the most successful creations originate in logical thinking. But often our desire for compliance stifles creativity. There are five attitudes that kill creative thought before it’s begun. Read the full article, written by Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D and co-founder of Mind Gym at
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TGI Monday: The office as a new haven of calm?

Forget TGI Friday; sociologist Arlie Hochschild wrote that home life had become so stressful that people were going to work to get a break. And new research suggests that she might just be right – we’re less stressed at work than at home, we just don’t know it. Sebastian Bailey, President of Mind Gym Inc. reveals all in this article...
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9 ways to get what you want

“I want” never gets, but there are nine other scientifically proven, and more subtle, ways to persuade. All hinge on understanding the reasons why the other person should say “yes”. Mind Gym President, Sebastian Bailey Phd, shares his top tactics for influencing. Read the full article in TIME.
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