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In boom or bust, is HR worth it?

When HR needs to cut costs the first area is training for employees. When trying to navigate through thriving or tough economic times studies show the best place to invest is in their staffing and training to outproduce and outperform competitors, especially when making economic recoveries. Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D and co-founder of Mind Gym contributes regularly to Forbes. Read his...
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In a problem-solving state of mind

Our attention is always either absorbed in internal chatter or focused on what’s going on around us. Both states of mind are helpful to an extent but can become dysfunctional. To solve problems and make clear decisions we need to effortlessly switch between the two. Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D and co-founder of Mind Gym contributes regularly CLO Magazine. Read the full...
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How to really keep resolutions

It’s no surprise that only 23% of New Year’s resolutions result in any lasting change – they’re usually made on a whim. There are four important steps to go through when committing to change. Check them off and your resolutions are far more likely to see the light of Valentine’s Day. Read the full article, written by Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D...
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How to motivate employees

A hallmark of a high-performing organization is one where good performance is rewarded and poor performance is swiftly dealt with. Trouble is, the definition of “rewarding performance” is changing. Traditionally, sustained good performance would lead to a promotion; another rung of the corporate ladder climbed. So ingrained is this performance-promotion link that some FTSE 100 companies have ritual ‘promotion days’,...
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