When it comes to the latest tips and tricks of the industry, we’ve got you covered. Our psychologists pored over the research to separate fact from fluff so you didn’t have to.

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Inclusion begins with understanding the self

The common practice of having employees watch basic e-learning modules to tick off an HR to-do list is actually creating a more exclusive workplace than what it sets out to do. With our innate bias’s we are primed to spot difference among our peers and gravitate towards those who are like us. Sebastian Bailey, Ph.D and co-founder of Mind Gym...
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5 ways to…help people take responsibility

Performance appraisals are here again, with most managers hoping to make it through without tears and tantrums. But instead of a necessary evil to be endured, performance conversations offer a rare opportunity to help employees reflect, refocus and take responsibility for their career path. Here’s how. 1. Sell the benefits. What does the individual want most out of life –...
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5 ways to…win under pressure

In business as well as sport, the higher your profile the greater the scrutiny. The Miami Heat seemed to buckle under the stress in this year’s NBA finals, while their rivals the San Antonio Spurs thrived on it to win the championship. Keep a calm head in the face of pressure and you’ll not only come out on top but...
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5 ways to…build your brand

From selfies to status updates, social media means we’re hypersensitive to how others perceive us. Narcissistic? Perhaps. But bringing that self-awareness to the workplace can do wonders for our personal brand. ‘The late one’, ‘the charming one’, ‘the sarcastic one’ – everyone has a personal brand. It pays to polish yours before someone else does the honors for you. 1....
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