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Are you a stimulation addict?

In his latest article for, Sebastian Bailey, President of Mind Gym Inc. ruminates on the popular practice of mindfulness. Extolled by Oprah to Bill Clinton and practiced at Google, but are people turning to mindfulness because the alternative – spending time alone with our thoughts – is simply intolerable. In a new study published in Science the results are...
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An entrepreneur’s wish list for 2014

An entrepreneurs’ club that includes Innocent and Moonpig has made four new year requests – that need not cost the government a penny writes Octavius Black, CEO of Mind Gym. Read the article in full on The Sunday Telegraph website.
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Aggressive and you don’t know it

When does friendly office chat damage people’s self-esteem? Far more often than we think, because it’s full of ‘microaggressions’. These subtle, unintended exclusions wreak havoc on engagement. Mind Gym behavioral psychologist, Iain Smith, has written the first in a series of articles on this topic for The HR Director. Iain is currently doing a part-time PhD researching ageist microaggressions.
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The art of high-performer employee maintenance

With the economy looking up and more opportunities being presented, keeping top performers will be more challenging than ever. If everyone is rewarded the same, then star players will begin to contribute less or look elsewhere. Achievement-oriented individuals need to feel like they are compensated for their hard work and that there is room for growth within their role. This...
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