We’re providing a free virtual eWorkout to help you and your teams communicate more effectively in the wake of coronavirus.

In this eWorkout you will learn to improve virtual communication, community and presence, to reduce the virtual distance between teams. Take @virtualwork to start working better together. Click the button below to access the Mind Gym Storefront, where you will be directed to create an account and take @virtualwork for free.

Participants will:

  • Explore the challenges and opportunities when working virtually
  • Understand common traps facing virtual workers and how to avoid them
  • Examine how to reduce the operational gap between team leaders and their team through improved communication
  • Practice building a virtual community to reduce affinity distance
  • Uncover their own unique virtual brand and evaluated how well they’re demonstrating presence through their virtual touch points
  • Build a virtual success plan in order to work more effectively in the future

Are you ready to make virtual work?

Launch @virtualwork

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