Get it together

Move from polarisation to common ground

Presented by

Desi Kimmins

Chief Commercial Officer, MindGym

It’s no secret: we’re polarised as a society. Once our minds are made up about something, it can be really hard to listen to another POV. This is why just hearing the words “inclusion and diversity” can be met with a negative reaction. Your DE&I program might have all the great intentions in the world, but without the right approach, it can often create more polarisation than it solves. Unconscious bias training and zero-tolerance policies have the right intentions, but according to the latest research, often the wrong results.

Our webinar is designed to help you redefine what inclusion and diversity training means and how to make it an effective way of pulling people together rather than apart.

In this open and honest discussion, Wei-Li Chong, President of Americas, MindGym, and Desi Kimmins, Chief Commercial Officer of EMEA, MindGym, came together to discuss our current climate and how inclusion and diversity training can be a source of unification through more open conversations.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

  • Why we’re polarised based on how we’re wired
  • Why current initiatives often miss the mark
  • The psychology behind inclusion
  • Actions you can take to immediately reduce the heat and increase understanding

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