Making virtual work

Building real connections in a remote world

Presented by

Sebastian Bailey, PhD.

Co-founder & President, MindGym

Hywel Berry

Talent Network Director, MindGym

As a result of Coronavirus, we’ve all heard the basic advice about setting up your virtual working routine. But what’s more important is having the skills required to virtually show up and engage your colleagues. MindGym has run tens of thousands of virtual meetings with many of the world’s leading organizations with consistently positive feedback. The secret sauce behind this is a simple framework of the skills and behaviours that are needed to be at our virtual best. For the first time ever, MindGym is sharing the approach.

In this short webinar, MindGym’s Talent Network Director, Hywel Berry, and MindGym President, Sebastian Bailey, PhD. revealed tips for how to:

  • Show up in a way that creates positive energy and focus
  • Create clarity when others are confused
  • Keep everyone engaged and make every second count
  • Create conversations that lead to action and enthusiasm
  • Scale these skills across your organisation.

We have helped over half the FTSE 100 and the S&P 100