Rolls-Royce Digital Academy

Mind Gym is proud to partner with Rolls-Royce on their Digital Academy initiative.

Mind Gym uses the latest psychology and behavioural science to transform how people think, feel and behave – both at work and at home. We’re here to support individuals, parents, managers and leaders with the tools they need to succeed in this new world of remote working and global uncertainty.

We’re proud to partner with Rolls-Royce on their Digital Academy initiative, to help people and businesses around the world prepare for a potentially digital-centric recovery from COVID-19. Scroll down to find out more about the free online resources we have available.

COVID-19 Webinar Series

The coronavirus pandemic has created a situation that is unpredictable and uncertain.  However, when you get it right, research shows that working virtually can drive productivity improvements of up to 43%. It’s important for you to hone the skills required to virtually show up and engage your colleagues.  Mind Gym has run tens of thousands of virtual meetings with many of the world’s leading organisations with consistently positive feedback.  The secret sauce behind this is a simple framework of the skills and behaviors that are needed to be at our virtual best.  For the first time ever, Mind Gym is sharing the approach.

Click here to watch our COVID-19 Webinar Series. 

Parenting in a pandemic?

Many parents are currently having to juggle multiple full-time jobs: parenting, schooling, and working from home. Parent Gym, the philanthropic arm of Mind Gym, is here to help. We’ve developed a suite of digital, bite-sized free modules, called “eWorkouts” (4-5 minutes each) to support parents not just cope, but conquer… even in the toughest of moments.

Click here to check out the options and get started on your first eWorkout. 

Virtual Working Eworkout

We’re providing a free virtual eWorkout (10-15 minutes) to help you and your teams communicate more effectively while working remotely. In this eWorkout you will learn to improve virtual communication, community, and presence, and to reduce the virtual distance between teams. Take @VirtualWork to start working better together. 

Click here to access the Mind Gym Storefront, where you will be directed to create an account and take @virtualwork for free. 

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