Employee engagement

How employees feel and how a company performs are undeniably linked. Harness people power to improve performance.

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Business units scoring in the top quartile of employee engagement, compared to those in the bottom quartile enjoy higher customer satisfaction, higher profitability, greater productivity, lower employee turnover, fewer safety incidents, lower absenteeism and fewer quality defects.

So, what’s the difference between those getting it right, and those falling behind? And how can we ensure we’re one of the ones getting it right? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

How to keep your people flourishing whatever the weather

Employee engagement - an overview:

Business leaders have turned their attention to employee engagement in the last few years yet engagement is falling rather than rising.


Our research has identified the five most frequent flaws in the way business addresses employee engagement.



Engagement opportunities are everywhere:

There are many organisations that have fallen for one or more of these as the remedy for their engagement failings.  There isn’t one organisation which claims to have fixed the problem.


The answer lies elsewhere.

The end goal:

When it comes to building sustainable employee engagement, only one person matters: the individual employee.  How they choose to think about work will make more difference to employee engagement than everything else put together.

How to apply it:

The research tells us that the most critical mindsets individuals need to adopt to feel engaged are: optimistic, purposeful, autonomous, competent and resilient.


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