Good business

Doing the right thing and getting the right result can seem to be in conflict. Improve your managing skills by equipping your team to see things differently and helping them learn how to marry these two noble aims. 

Participants will:
  • Explore your own moral identity as a manager, and how that influences the team
  • Examine the factors that can influence a team’s ethical behaviour
  • Discover techniques to help balance competition and performance with ethics and moral behaviour
  • Consider the dilemmas through which you might need to manage your team’s moral identity
  • Reflect on how to draw the line when it comes to small unethical transgressions, without sounding petty
Available in these formats:

Action-packed 90 minutes, instructor-led in a classroom for up to 20 people.

Virtual learning, real discoveries. Instructor-led, online for up to 12 people.

All the substance of a day's training compressed into an engaging thought-provoking digital learning tool.

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