Minus the bias

Take charge of your unconscious biases so they can’t control you. We all have them - they provide a precious filter through which we can make sense of the world. Discover techniques to recognise and break your bias so you can put your conscious mind back in the driving seat.

Participants will:

  • Appreciate the power of their unconscious mind
  • Understand that bias is a form of natural mental shortcut we have evolved over time
  • Explore how bias can show up in day-to-day decision-making at work
  • Discover the conscious techniques they can use to remove bias from their decisions
Available in these formats:

Action-packed 90 minutes, instructor-led in a classroom for up to 20 people.

Virtual learning, real discoveries. Instructor-led, online for up to 12 people.

All the substance of a day's training compressed into an engaging thought-provoking digital learning tool.

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