Your impact on others

Since behaviour can be perceived differently depending on the person you’re engaging with, managing others can be a tricky task. Improve your impact on your team by understanding your primary motivational styles and understanding when to flex them depending on the individual.

Participants will:

  • Understand the different motivational drivers we have and how they affect the way we interpret other people’s behaviour
  • Appreciate the impact each motivational driver tends to have on the others
  • Know what their motivational driver is likely to be
  • Recognise their strengths and the likely impact that their way of looking at the world has on the different types of people around them
  • Decide what practical action they can take to increase their impact on others
Available in these formats:

Action-packed 90 minutes, instructor-led in a classroom for up to 20 people.

Virtual learning, real discoveries. Instructor-led, online for up to 12 people.

All the substance of a day's training compressed into an engaging thought-provoking digital learning tool.

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