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Mission & values

Mind Gym’s qualified Coaches deliver 500 bite-size training courses a week, each designed by Mind Gym’s team of psychologists using the latest behavioural science and proven to work solutions with thousands of leaders, managers and individual contributors.

Our beliefs

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to know what they believe. Here are Mind Gym’s 6 core beliefs.

Five minutes with a genius beats a month with a fool

The time spent learning does not correlate with how much is learned.

People change only when they believe it is in their own best interest

Customers, clients or employees; it is the personal win that gets people doing things differently.

One size fits no one

Personalised experiences drive action. If you want people to think for themselves, let them.

Little but often

Think gym versus boot camp.

We choose how we think

Everyone can change their mental default settings far more than they imagine, once they know how to.

Science is sexy

In research we trust.

Our awards

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Core Team

Mind Gym is organised around strengths, so everyone gets to do what they are great at every day.

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Our Coaches

From Shanghai to Charlottesville, Dubai to Dublin, there are qualified Mind Gym coaches ready to deliver bite-size workouts today.

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Our disruptive approach to management development, performance management, inclusion or change agility isn’t just something we deliver for clients. It’s something we live every day in our own teams.

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Parent Gym

Parent Gym is one of the largest schools-based parenting programmes in the UK. We take no money from parents, schools, charities, government or anyone else. It’s funded entirely by Mind Gym because it’s the right thing to do.

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