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55% of business leaders expect to compete on service compared with 9% on price. Given that 89% of customers do business with a competitor after a poor experience it's little wonder. The challenge is that business leaders spend more time debating the ‘customer journey’ than supporting their employees to make it happen.

The key lies in creating a climate of service performance.

How to take your customers from deluded to devoted

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Thought not. And if you got some, would you listen? Giving feedback is an occupational hazard. It’s usually subjective – based on managers own preferred ways of working. And it often falls on deaf ears. When feedback happens infrequently and formally, it activates psychological triggers in our brain that mean we quickly revert to defend and protect mode. The receiver becomes preoccupied with concerns about whether the feedback is accurate, how they are being perceived professionally, and how the feedback undermines their sense of themselves. Building a ‘feedback friendly culture’ that

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