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Businesses are focussing on the wrong things. Energy is spent designing and executing processes built around events and systems. Attention is placed on the past rather than developing for the future and managers don’t know how to have the appropriate conversations so tend to avoid them altogether.

By focussing on the process, we’ve lost the individual.

Six psychological conditions of high performance

  • Overview




    my work matters

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    you know how I'm doing

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    it's worth the effort

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    it's demanding

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    I'm getting better

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    I can decide

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  • Purpose
  • Attention
  • Recognition
  • Challenge
  • Growth
  • Choice
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Reinventing performance management

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Performance management: get it right

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5 ways to… recognise great performers

Great performance deserves recognition to match. When done right, being recognized improves engagement, productivity, and motivation. When done wrong, or not at all, it can have almost the opposite effect. With so much at stake, it’s vital we get this response just right. Here’s five simple ways to recognize your employees:  1. Give context. Have you ever given someone a hardy ‘congratulations’, only to be met with blank stares? Context is key when giving recognition. Be sure to cite specific actions and the impact they had when giving recognition. 2. Don’t be late. Recognition is mo

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