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Mind Gym on BBC Business Live

Mind Gym’s mission to transform performance by changing the way people think and behave at work arrived on BBC Business Live. CEO Octavius Black talks about why Mind Gym can actually make a difference on the hot-button issues companies are dealing with now, including increasing diversity, employee wellness, and ethical behaviour. Click the image below to watch the video. ©...
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5 ways to… inspire from afar

An Upwork survey revealed that in 10 years, 38% of full-time employees will work remotely. This presents a challenge: how to get the best from these remote workers? By understanding the impact of physical and psychological distance, managers can adapt their style to help teams connect and collaborate. Build the ‘we’. Research shows that remote teams with a strong shared...
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Show me respect

In the wake of #metoo and high profile cases at the top of big companies, business leaders are eager to make work safe from predatory behaviour. The instinctive response is to promote anonymous helplines and demand people speak up. These solutions will have, at best, a marginal effect and might even do harm. Drawing from the most robust behavioural science,...
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5 ways to… manage stress

Mental Health Awareness Month celebrated its 69th year, focusing on fitness for mind and body. While we’re well versed in how to shape up physically, emotional wellbeing is less understood. Regardless of whether or not you suffer from mental health issues, being psychologically fit depends on your ability to manage stress. Know your limits. Not all stress is bad: it’s...
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