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Presenters: Octavius Black, Wei-Li Chong, Desi Kimmins
When: February 26th - 6:30 - 7:00 pm GMT
Where: GoToWebinar
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Why bother with digital learning?

Technology has transformed our lives beyond recognition - mostly, for the better. Take workplace learning. Gone are the days when employees had to take a week out of the office to attend a long-winded, far-flung conference. Now, thanks to digital learning, individuals can brush up on the skills that matter most, in bite-sized chunks, without leaving their desks. When it...
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Why Good People Do Bad Things

  Organizations are under increased pressure to ensure that they create workplaces that are free from toxicity. That is, their people act with ethics and integrity, are respectful and interpersonally sensitive, and are inclusive and tolerant. To achieve this, organizations need scientific tools and evidence-based interventions that can produce lasting behavioral and cultural change. Watch this webinar where Mind Gym...
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5 ways to… make 2020 your year

‘New year, new you’ is a cliché as old as time itself, but there’s something symbolic about entering a new decade with a renewed sense of purpose. New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be an entire life overhaul, but a chance to take stock of your strengths, goals and where the opportunities lie. Wishing all our subscribers a happy, prosperous 2020. Read...
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5 Digital Tricks to Make Learning Stick

  The digital environment shapes our behavior, whether it’s unconscious pressure from social media or the ding of a new text message—we are constantly surrounded by technology. If you want to change behaviour, you have to break through the noise. To find out how digital interventions can help us change behaviour at work, we need to look to the science...
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