5 vital ingredients of great performance management

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When it’s done well, performance management delivers 40% higher employee engagement and 25% lower turnover, an 18% growth in customer loyalty and a 15% boost to productivity.

Unfortunately many companies focus more on the process than the conversation; meaning high costs, poor results and employees who’re left wondering if they’d be better off elsewhere. There’s no magic potion to guarantee your employees’ everlasting loyalty. Effective performance conversations are the next best thing.

In this 30 minute webinar recording, you will:

  • Understand where performance management goes wrong
  • Explore the undeniable business case of getting it right
  • Get the 5 crucial ingredients you need
  • Learn how to make it happen using a new performance management cycle

Speakers: Octavius Black, CEO, Mind Gym and Dr Sebastian Bailey, President, Mind Gym

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