5 ways to…get ready for change

5 ways to…get ready for change

Spring is (finally) sprung and change is all around. The new financial year could bring new (or evolved) directions or entirely new strategies for the year ahead. These changes can be viewed as a threat, an opportunity, or both. How we view change significantly impacts how we respond to it and ultimately how successful we are.  Read this month’s tips

1. Be open minded and receptive to change.

Accept and celebrate some bits of it, explore and engage with other bits. This is key to viewing change as non-threatening and being able to thrive in it.

2. Stop and stabilise.

Focus not only on what has changed but also what has stayed the same, what’s in your control and what isn’t. This will help to stabilise your reactions to uncertainty and remain unfazed and unflappable.

3. Be a change entrepreneur.

Take ownership of your development and be proactive. It’s down to you to make change happen so grab all new opportunities available.

4. Expand your social networks.

Focus on the number and type of relationships you have. An effective professional network gives a greater tolerance for change and an increases your readiness for it.

5. Build your psychological toolkit for change.

Work tirelessly towards your goals, changing paths in the short-term in order to succeed long-term. Be optimistic about the present and the future. Believe in your own ability to tackle challenging tasks (and achieve them). Build your personal resilience so that when faced with set-backs you can learn, adapt and move on quickly.

Look out for our new eBook launching next month ‘From fragile to agile: How to prosper in an ever-changing world.’

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