The secrets of DE&I success

DEI Resource kit

Access the blueprints used by the world's most progressive companies to transform their workplace culture

PLUS receive a free copy of our guide, ‘The Inclusion Solution: How Modern Companies Bring People Together’ to reveal the best tools and techniques for your team’s specific needs.

New research suggests some of the most frequently used DE&I tools aren’t up to the mark.

As a DE&I leader, you’re challenged by an ever-shifting cultural landscape and you need the most up-to-date methods to enable your success.

The problem is: DE&I mainstays such as unconscious bias training, affinity groups, quotas and whistle-blowing have been proven, in some cases, to drive employees further apart.

In this exclusive offer, you’ll discover the alternative approach that’s challenging the status quo.

This free resource kit will teach you how MindGym’s research-driven, behavioural science-led approach has generated world-class results for some of the most ambitious companies on the planet.

World-class results such as:

  • TIAA climbing 28 places in the DiversityInc Top50 rankings
  • Gallagher’s 20% increase in female executive leadership
  • 92% of Finning employees declaring their confidence in responding appropriately to harassment incidents


You also get a free MindGym download which guides you on the best ways to put the science into practice for your team.

You’ll receive suggested practical tools for diagnosing bottlenecks in DE&I performance and employee engagement, so you can choose the best training to guide your team to a culture transformation.

62% of the FTSE 100 and 59% of the S&P 100 have partnered with MindGym to transform their inclusion programmes with behavioural science.

We have the blueprints to DE&I success, and they’re waiting for you in this free resource kit & guide offer.

Learn the secrets to embedding sustainable change in your DE&I programme by getting your copies today.

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