Mindset Reset

Banish burnout by changing how your team thinks

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A loss of control will test the resolve of even the most patient professionals. Lockdowns. Loneliness. Cancelled holiday plans. Each of these things has helped drive exhaustion to an all-time high.

It seems like we’re facing an unprecedented level of burnout and a collapse in health and productivity. But this is not inevitable. You can bring your team back from the brink, and a core part of the answer lies in changing how we think.

In this webinar, we present three of the most effective changes you and your people can make to start taking back control.

Watch the recording of our webinar where Mind Gym President Sebastian Bailey, PhD. and Wei-Li Chong, President of Americas, Mind Gym revealed:

  • The three universal psychological needs that aren’t being met in the current landscape
  • How by changing the way we think we can avoid predictable pitfalls
  • Practical techniques you can implement right away to improve wellbeing and performance.
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