The Wellness Precipice

Why Employee Wellbeing is Headed for Collapse & How You Can Prevent It

It may feel tough now but, when it comes to our wellbeing, it’s about to get a lot worse. Yes, we have the shock of a global pandemic with dramatic impact on the risk to our health, our family, our financial security and even our ability to leave our home. Surely, we might imagine, we’ll get used to this and the stress will pass.

There is compelling psychological research which suggests that far from easing, our collective mental health is about to take an unprecedented battering.

Our current state is likely to be acute stress. This provocation leads us to take action to address the threat. As the situation persists and the novelty wears off this acute stress will likely convert into chronic stress which leads to lethargy, disengagement and worse.

At the same time, compassion fatigue will set in.  Now we are looking out for each other and uniting in adversity. The evidence suggests this will suddenly drop.

Not only are many of our usual coping strategies– meeting with friends, chance encounters with colleagues, going to the gym – no longer available but the effects of extended isolation and the exclusion that comes from remote working will pile on the pressures.

Lucky for you, we have the solution. In this webinar, Mind Gym experts reveal:

  • Why employee wellbeing is heading for collapse
  • The lasting impact this will have on people and businesses if it is left until too late
  • What steps you can take now to prevent it
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